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Archer Furniture is an exclusive bespoke design and build furniture studio.

Our background as Furniture Designers and Furniture Makers have been creating since 1995.

Our projects range from simple freestanding pieces to large specialist interior projects, with the same attention to detail regardless of scale. We believe in advising and keeping you up to date throughout the project, to ensure that expectations are met and often exceeded.


Free Standing

Corby Story Seat Sep

Built In

Olivier Wall Display sep

Specialist Projects

Norwich Wedge sep



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    Tricycle Copper Bar
    A Tricycle Copper Bar, built for corporate presentations and events. A very specialist...


@WalthamstowDad Summon up your inner cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation. That window will soon acquire curtains or frosted glass! pic.twitter.com/CgNic8NwZD

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