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Alcove shelves storage

These are alcove shelves with cupboards on one side and open pigeon holes for baskets on the other side. Bespoke alcove units are really popular as they offer a great amount of storage that can be tailor-made for your home.


The following photos show the step by step installation of oak floating shelves and cabinets installed in a Warwickshire home.

The design for these alcove units was simple to be sympathetic to the existing period details.

This is the original room before the furniture was built.

First the floating shelves are scribed in to alcove to ensure they are level and set at the correct height. In this case the dado rail dictated the height of the shelves. In order to look visually correct the spacing between the dado rail and the ceiling was repeated between the shelves and the dado rail and then between the shelves.


The plinth was set and shaped to fit around the skirting. The upper shelves are put in first to make sure dust doesn’t fall onto the finished worktop.

The cabinets are set in place.


The solid oak tops are added and a cable hole created to allow for the plug. The cabinets all had removable backs to allow access to the sockets.

Baskets were sourced from the basket company. 

These are high quality baskets that are great for storage but also compliment the style of the furniture and room.

‘Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be beautiful or believe to be useful’ (William Morris)- however if it is both then you’ve done a great job.

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