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Curved Walnut TV Cabinet


This was a curved walnut TV cabinet which made brilliant use of an unused corner.

Curved Walnut TV Unit

Sometimes the furniture we create is secondary to the clients primary needs. The furniture is not always a showpiece or a talking point, but more a way to create a stage to display some other precious item.

This brief in itself is a challenge as the item to be the feature may not be the most pleasing to the eye!

Step forward the dreaded TV, DVD, Speakers, drivers etc.

This cabinet was to hide all of the cable and audio boxes, but display the amp unit that the client was very proud and really wanted to show off his system.

Curved Walnut TV Stand

The space was straight forward, but the client was keen for a unique design.

The curve shape allowed for a flowing shape to avoid services and not take over the room, but still leave enough room to store the audio equipment.

It is made from American Black Walnut and no visual ironmongery was used to keep the sleek shape.

TV Stand DVD Storage

The centre display for the Amp unit (Bose) is on a glass shelf, to draw the eye and give the appearance that the unit was suspended in the void.

DVD CD Storage TV Unit

When it was set up, the client loved it. The storage worked well and fulfilled the display for the audio equipment. The only issue that came to light, was that it became a talking point in its own right and the client loved how his friends asked where he got the cabinet from.

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