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English Heritage Reproduction Furniture Commissions

Over the years we have been involved with heritage clients. These projects are often as much a learning process as they are a privilage to work on.

Working closely with historians, archivists and specialist craftsmen, reproduction pieces are designed and built remaining close to the period and techniques of the time.

Norwich Castle Furniture

Our recent commission at Norwich Castle recreated Norman furniture replicating furniture from the early 12th Century.

Oak Trestle Table reproduction furniture

These simple trestle tables and benches are made in solid Oak. During this period the craftsmen would use axes, adze and wedges to plank timber from trees. Depending on who the furniture was for, further refining techniques were utilised to work the wood.

Oak Reproducton Furniture Technques

To achieve the textured surface that the tools of the time would have created, all surfaces to the reproduction pieces are hand planed and scraped to give a random scalloped texture.

Oak Bench Table Reproduction Furniture

Chest Storage Locked Box Oak

This chest created using painted hand planed Oak and fitted with forged iron hinges and lock. All is not as it appears however, as the false front opens to conceal the visitor activity equipment the castle use for school visits.

Chest Furniture Storage Drawers

The heriacrhy of the furniture within the Royal court, would dictate the amount of detail or craftsmen working on the piece. At the time England was covered by rich Oak forests, thus Oak furniture was common and basic. Although well built, carved detailing or metal work was kept to a minimum on function pieces for the kitchens or guard rooms.

Oak Castle Armoire Tradition Furniture

This large Armoire is solid Oak throughout. Due to its size it was built in the workshop, disassembled and rebuilt in situ.

Oak Furniture English Heritage

The ironwork is hand forged wrought iron with a hammered texture. HAnd cut iron nails are used to secure the doors and locks to the doors.

Blacksmith Ironwork hinges lock

One of the biggest challenges on this type of furniture is often accessibility. With the pieces being so large and heavy, but the intended room being up a stone spiral staircase or through a twisting corridor, we design the pieces to be “flat pack” and reassembled in situ.

Oak Armoire Reproduction Furniture

Reproduction Furniture Oak Cupboard Armoire

Oak Reproduction Furniture Cupboard Armoire

At Portland Castle Castle, reproduction pieces were used to recreate the working kitchen/pantry.

Portland Castle English Heritage

Although more solid functional pieces, the level of hand finishing and consistency to the period techniques remains the same.

Portland Castle Reproduction Furniture

Portland Castle Oak Reproduction Furniture

Our blacksmiths work the hinges and ironware to the the individual pieces. The are attached via handmade iron nails

Portland Castle Reproduction Furniture Oak

The first time we made this style of furniture, we honestly thought it would be a one off, but since the first initial project we have had further enquiries not just from castles and heritage properties, but battle reinactment groups, TV and Film agencies and residential houses. The trend for medieval furniture may well be on the increase!

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