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We strongly feel that it is key to successful furniture design, that your requirements are regarded as individual as the piece itself. Although sketches do start the process, “cigarette packet drawing” will not be your only record. On each project we will advise, provide designs and written quotes to ensure you know what to expect and your only surprise is that you didn’t call us sooner.

We hope you enjoy our gallery and feel free to enquire on anything you see.

Tricycle Copper Bar
VW Campervan Conversion
Victorian Entrance Door Stained Glass
Built In Storage to Old Cottage
Period Traditional Window Shutters
Window Shutter, Refurbished brassware and replacement of rotten stiles. Waxed and Working
Reclaimed Oak Door and Frame Blacksmith Ironmongery
Center Parcs lodge replica birdhouses

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  • Tricycle Copper Bar
    Tricycle Copper Bar
    A Tricycle Copper Bar, built for corporate presentations and events. A very specialist...


#warwickhour Sneaked this little bookcase into a home office last week. Lovely Victorian terrace in Warwickshire, with just enough traditional details to compliment the house age. Thanks to @DragonInteriors for their spray skills. pic.twitter.com/zwkXu45N9h

About 3 days ago from Archer Furniture's Twitter

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