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Home Office and Study Storage

Working from home and using the spare room as a study/office is a common feature in todays world. Our client for this built in study wanted a real functional home office in their Leamington Spa town house, that would give great storage, maximise the high ceilings, be very functional, but still give a wow factor every time they enter the room.

Bookcases Shelves Study Office Storage

To the main all the cabinets and storage shelves were painted, but warmth of large Elm sections used for the main desk top.

Home Office Storage Cabinet

The ironmongery were Chrome finish, with the handles being large chrome squares to link to the simple geometry of the design and the chrome ladder rail.

Home Office Handle detail library ladder

Stunning wild and shaped grain pattern gives the striking white cabinets a real warm and tactile surface to work on. To compliment this we also made an Elm library ladder.

Home Office Storage Bookcase

Ther ladder connects to a chrome rail, running horizontally around the room, allowing secure resting rail for using the ladder to access the high shelves and cabinets in a room with a ceiling close to 3.5m high!. A common feature in a period property in Leamngton Spa.

Home Offcie Study Library Ladder Painted shelves

The client often works late hours and lighting was built in to the rear of the desk recess. Bright white LED tape hidden from view for large illumination and functional angle poise lamps for detail work.

Home Office Lights LED Buit In Storage

Although principally an L shaped solution, every element was carefully planned and designed to work for the clients storage and working needs. A dead corner space was exploited to a paper storage and in-out tray cabinet.

Study Lights LED Home Office Storage Painted

The client had a fantastic eye for interior detail and the greatest praise we received on this project was when the ladder was unveiled and almost move them to tears, happy tears!

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